A Message of Truth, Harmony and Love

When Prince Rogers Nelson’s physical body transitioned from the world as we know it, we not only lost a brother, a mentor, and a gifted musician — we also lost an incredible human being. He was a seeker of the truth whose life was driven by a deep love of God and the desire to help those less fortunate than himself, often anonymously.


With the launch of this website, we aim to support his legacy by coming together in truth, harmony, and love. We are here to provide a platform where we can all not only continue to show our love for Prince, but also connect with others who wish to do the same.

Truth Harmony Love

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We have always been and will remain committed to promoting three core values.


We will provide a source of accurate information and dispel inaccurate accounts that may be put forth at any given time.


Our commitment is to work in a spirit of harmony for Prince and his fans all over the world.


We will keep our hearts close to him through music.
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Thank you,

Omarr Baker

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